Rat Sniper Slugs

This is a 4 shot group @ 36 yards out of a customers Cricket Bullpup using a

37 grain Spitzer Solid

This is a 37 grain Spitzer Hollowpoint that was shot into water @ 930 fps with 100% weight retention!

       AboutRat Sniper Slugs

I have been an avid air gun enthusiast since I was a kid but I have been hardcore into modern PCP rifles since 2006.

I have been tuning and building my own custom guns and my favorite caliber is .25 Caliber (.250").

This caliber is capable of taking everything from rats to coyotes to huge hogs (*with proper shot placement*)

My Ultra Match Grade swaged air gun slugs are the finest you can find anywhere at any price - Period!

These will chamber and shoot in ANY .250" air gun but are recommended for PCP's of at least 30 ft lbs.

My slugs come in screw top rust proof tins and are pre lubed for the best accuracy...Give them a try!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an

e mail or give me a call.