AboutRat Sniper Slugs LLC

I am producing my patent pending Hollow Core design exclusively for FX.

These are now known as the FX Hybrid Slugs (name trademarked by FX).

*** I no longer sell slugs ***

***Dealer inquiries for FX HYbrid Slugs please contact***


I am the first to bring swaged Spitzer shaped air gun slugs to the market beginning in May of 2014. I have the most innovative designs available.

My Ultra Match Grade swaged air gun slugs are the finest you can find anywhere at any price - Period!

I brought swaged spitzer hollowpoints to the airgun community after a couple of years of studying bullets, barrel twist rates, stability factors & what would be best suited for factory powered 'off the shelf' air guns. The Wicked Monster design was born in October 2014 and my Hollow Core design is patent pending with the United States Patent & Trademark office. It dumps 100% of its energy within 1" - 2" of the target even when shot @ 1100 fps. I quit 11 years of a full time law enforcement career in August of 2018 to pursue making slugs full time.