Rat Sniper Slugs

37 grain Spitzer Hollowpoint

These slugs will chamber in ANY .250" caliber air gun - My 31 grain & 37 grain Spitzer Hollowpoints will fit and feed just fine in factory Benjamin Marauder, Cricket and other popular multi shot magazines.

This Hog was taken by Bullfrog (Travis) using my 45 grain Spitzer Hollowpoint with a surgical shot between the eyes at 64 yards using his custom 80 ft lb Marauder.

Wicked Monster Hollowpoints

'Shred Something!'

Ultra Match Grade .250" Air Gun Slugs

*Swaged (NOT Cast!) Bullets*

Coming *SOON*

Wicked Monsters in .300" & .358"

The only air gun slug in the World designed for high ballistic coefficient with MAXIMUM​ energy dump into the target!!!

Watch the hunt video through Scope Cam here!